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BSNL Offers 1GB for Rs.1 Data Plan & Free Unlimited Calls

BSNL Offers 1GB data for Rs.1. Recently Reliance launched “ Jio “,the fastest 4G network in the world. It also offers unbelievable offers like free data for 4 months, free calling, lowest data rates and much more. This has obviously left other network providers like Idea, BSNL, Vodafone and Airtel in dilemma. In order to sustain in the market, BSNL is taking some steps and offer something attractive. It has introduced an attractive offer, which will never let its customers go or think of switching the provider. If you want to know about that amazing offer please go through this article. Also, check out How to Get Internet Loan in BSNL SIM Prepaid Mobile.

Jio 4G Plan 303 Rs | Free Voice Calls, 28 GB Data, 28 Days Validity

Jio 4G Plan 149 Rs | Free Voice Calls, 2 GB Data, 28 Days Validity

Jio 4G Plan 96 Rs | Free Voice Calls, 7 GB Data, 7 Days Validity

Jio 4G Plan 49 Rs | Free Voice Calls, 600 MB Data, 3 Days Validity

Jio 4G Plan 19 Rs | Free Voice Calls, 200 MB Data, One Day Validity

BSNL Offers 1GB for Rs.1 Data Plan

Now, to compete with Reliance, BSNL has come up with an amazing data plan too. Now, while Reliance is offering 1 GB of data for Rs.50, BSNL is offering it for just Rs. 1.

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BSNL is going to launch new plan which is named as ‘ Experience Unlimited BB 249 ’ from the 9th of September, in which users would be entitled to 300 GB of data per month. This plan is affordable and it is cost effective. This plan from BSNL will cut down expenses for users to less than a rupee for every 1 GB data download provided users consume 300 GB of data a month. Anupam Srivastava, the Chairman and Managing Director of BSNL stated that this plan would mainly aim at Broadband users, who keep needing loads of GBs and that too at affordable rates!

Under this plan, customers can download unlimited Broadband data without bothering about any data limit in GB. BSNL shall offer 2 Mbps speed under this plan.

The difference between Reliance Jio and BSNL will be the nature of the connection. Jio is wireless while BSNL’s this new upcoming plan is going to be wireline or wired connection.

Jio 4G Plan 9999 Rs | Free Voice Calls, 750 GB Data, 360 Days Validity

Jio 4G Plan 4999 Rs | Free Voice Calls, 350 GB Data, 180 Days Validity

Jio 4G Plan 1999 Rs | Free Voice Calls, 125 GB Data, 90 Days Validity

Jio 4G Plan 999 Rs | Free Voice Calls, 60 GB Data, 60 Days Validity

Jio 4G Plan 499 Rs | Free Voice Calls, 56 GB Data, 28 Days Validity

Free Unlimited Calls

Moreover, every Sunday, BSNL customers can make free unlimited calls. Calls can be made to any landline and mobile network, thereby making the scheme all the more attractive. This scheme is put to effect since the 15th of August.

Currently, the company is offering free unlimited night calling i.e. between 9pm to 7am and customers are enjoying it a lot.

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